Getting Involved

As a few of you know, I started volunteering with my political party a couple months ago. I wanted to get involved again and to hopefully make a difference. So far, it has felt really good to make a  contribution, and being a part of the political process. Yes, it means helping make those calls that no one wants to receive. Yes, it means walking in neighborhoods, and knocking on doors, and potentially meeting irate individuals who don’t want to be disturbed by political stuff. But to me, it is important to help get the word out about candidates, particularly local candidates who are running in state house and senate races. It is nice seeing citizens interacting with the people running for office, talking with the candidates on their doorstep and seeing democracy in action. For me, it is important to be able to see the people beyond just the palm cards they hand out or drop off on the door knobs, and to actually get to know them. People should be informed on who is running to represent them at the state level, and are looking to make decisions for their communities.  And for me, over the last month or so, I have met some very incredible people. I met Christina Hall, running for House District 24. I’ve walked the neighborhoods in her district a few times already, and it’s been an amazing experience.  I do hope she goes far in her political career. And I’m particularly proud to say she’s become one of my Facebook friends. I’ve met Sarah Maestas-Barnes, and helped walk a neighborhood for her campaign as well. For me, she is another impressive and sharp candidate.  I’ve also met another candidate running for Sandoval County Commissioner, Jay Block, who is an upstanding guy who served his country in the Air Force. If you know me, the military and military service is a big thing with me. I also got to reunite with a gentleman running for a NM Senate seat whom I used to work with in Heather Wilson’s congressional office, Diego Espinoza.  Personally, I would encourage more people to get involved, and to actually get to know their candidates. There are some fine people running for office, and actually taking the time to walk the neighborhoods with these candidates might give you a new perspective on the political landscape (even if they don’t happen to represent your area). And heck, you might even make new friends out of the experience.


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