Prayers for the victims in France

Once more, communities around the world are suffering due to terrorism, this time, it is in Nice, France. Again, all I can offer are my thoughts and prayers for the families of the victims and those who are injured as a result of such a deplorable act.

As a global community, we need to, with one voice, condemn these acts and continue to seek out those that would commit such heinous acts and either bring them to justice or remove them from this world. People that are attracted to such violence need to know that lifestyle is neither glamorous nor does it do anything for them in the next life; all it does is to get them dead, and hurts many innocent lives. We need to work to get people to think about the consequences of their actions and to start to respect life in all its forms, and for all those that share this world with them.  We need to let them know that no matter their religious beliefs, they do not have the right to take someone else’s life.  We need to start to see the value in each person, and to value the contributions that person adds to this world. In short, we need to start becoming a community again and start rebuilding our connections to each other. I am not sure how we go about doing this, but this is something that just has to be done.


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