The Dallas Mass Shooting

I just want to extend my thoughts and my prayers to everyone affected by the shooting of the 12 police officers in Dallas last night.  This is not the time for politics, this is a time for mourning and healing.  I hope the family members of the police officers receive the support and comfort from the community they need to put their lives back together and to mourn their loved ones.

This only emphasizes the need for our communities to come together, and to put new focus on protecting life, and seeing the value in each person and the ties they have to their families and friends. People have families, children, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters, and none of them deserve to have their lives destroyed by this grief and tragedy. Moral values within our communities seem to be eroding, causing us not to think of how our actions affect each other.  I hope and pray this tragedy prompts good acts to bring our communities back together and to strengthen our bonds of community. We to remind everyone that life is precious, and it cannot be replaced once it is taken. We must always strive to do what is right by each other, no matter what may be happening to aggravate us or incite us to anger. If there is social injustice, let’s work for peaceful change, not to take matters into our hands and cause innocent lives to be lost.  No one deserves that.

Let us all try to strive to leave a positive impact on our communities during the limited time we are all on this earth, instead of one that destroys communities and brings harm to our fellow neighbors and our countrymen and countrywomen.



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