Gary Johnson and the Clinton scandal

First of all, I want to add the link to the FBI statement from FBI Director Comey on Secretary Clinton’s email scandal. I encourage anyone voting in this election to read it thoroughly. It is eye-opening, as well as disheartening to see no criminal charges come from this incident. Here is the link:Statement by FBI Director on Clinton Emails. Based on what is said in this statement, Secretary Clinton should have been facing multiple counts of gross negligence for the transmission of classified and sensitive secrets with the private email server, but that is neither here or there now. The standard has once again been set, Secretary Clinton is above the law.

But this article is going to focus on Gary Johnson, and what he has said about this scandal, as many of his comments are not covered by the national media. I saw this today on Facebook, and I knew I had to respond on my blog; as I responded to one of my friends in their support of Gary Johnson on the social media site. Here is the link to that story: Gary Johnson Says Clinton is No Criminal. I am blown away by Johnson’s ignorance with a quote from him in that story: ““I’m not a stone-thrower when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her emails and her server,” he said. “I don’t think there has been criminal intent on Hillary Clinton’s part. I don’t see an indictment.”

Gross negligence in handling national secrets does not require criminal intent. Many have been expressing this on national media outlets, including former federal prosecutors. Comey admitted that Clinton sent classified materials that were marked as classified when they were sent; showing that Clinton lied to the American people that said she had sent no classified materials, or that she sent no materials that were classified at that time. Comey admits that Clinton showed “extreme carelessness” in handling classified and sensitive materials, a term that is frequently used to define “gross negligence.” Comey should have at least taken this to a grand jury and tried to have held Secretary Clinton accountable. But he did not bother doing that. And all Johnson could say is, referring to Clinton, as ““a wonderful public servant.” There is clearly malfeasance on Secretary Clinton’s part regarding this email server, and all Johnson can say is she’s a “wonderful, public servant?”  How is Johnson even trying to demand accountability over this situation? Does he not see that by not prosecuting Secretary Clinton, the Justice Department has set two standards, those for ordinary people and those that are politically connected?  What Secretary Clinton did during her tenure of Secretary of State is inexcusable and should be condemned, particularly from those that used to be public servants themselves. But not Johnson.

In my opinion, Johnson is part of the problem by making excuses for Clinton; dismissing what otherwise would be corruption and malfeasance because there was “no intent.”  Who in the world intends to be grossly negligent? Gross negligence is still a crime despite the lack of intent.  This has to stop. These comments by Johnson on Clinton only prove he is unfit for office, and will not have the moral compass necessary to keep those in government accountable for carrying out such misbehavior.

I continue to pledge to vote for no one during this election cycle for president because I strongly feel America deserves better and should demand a higher quality of candidates for its highest office.



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