The Decision of the FBI not to prosecute Secretary Clinton

I am extremely disheartened to have found out today that the FBI chose not to prosecute Secretary Clinton for gross negligence in handling our national secrets.

The very appearance of this  decision feeds into many Americans’ belief that the justice system is not blind; and that it does favor and protect those that are politically connected. The decision of the FBI has basically confirmed that there are people that are above the law, and are afforded the right to do so. We must not be naïve on this: this decision has indeed harmed the very fabric of our society, further dividing our country over someone who is not being held accountable for their actions. Even more frustrating is the fact the FBI Director has called Clinton’s actions “extremely careless” with our national secrets, which is exactly how “gross negligence” is often defined. It would seem that the FBI Director is engaging in linguistic gymnastics to try and justify not prosecuting the former Secretary of State. I personally believe the FBI Director was a coward on this matter; choosing to not go against the political pressures that were being brought to bear on him instead of pursuing justice for Secretary Clinton’s malfeasance, and choosing to set a proper standard for all Americans under the justice system that each person must be held accountable for their bad acts, particularly while holding public office.

Even though Secretary Clinton will not be prosecuted, there was malfeasance that occurred under her watch. And as a former public servant myself,  I will not use my vote to show that I condone what she did in public office. I will not be a part of awarding her a promotion for this misbehavior and betrayal of the public trust. I cannot tell you who to vote for come November, but for me, I will not be voting for anyone for president in November. This has tempted me to vote for Trump, however, I still feel he is not fit for the presidency no matter what she has done, so I will not waiver from my conviction. As I stated before, America deserves better from both parties. I still believe that the American public deserves someone who they can believe in to be an honorable president and who restores trust and faith in the American system of government, and that person is certainly not Secretary Hillary Clinton.


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