Defending Trump on one issue: the use of the six-pointed star

This is when I really start to  hate political campaigns; when all logical thought processes go out the window.

If you’ve read my previous articles, you would know I am no fan of Donald Trump. I think he represents the worst of our political process, and he is only helping to tear us apart as a nation.  However, I feel I have to be objective and come to his defense in one respect: the use of the six-pointed star in one of his tweets. This controversy over the six-sided star has been trending on my facebook page almost all weekend, and it finally got to the point I had to respond.

People are up-in-arms over this issue; calling it racist, saying it refers back to the yellow stars worn by the holocaust victim survivors, that it is insensitive.

Given the context of the tweet, the six-pointed star had nothing to do with holocaust victims, the Jewish faith or racism. I hate to use caps, but I’m going to in this instance: THERE ARE TIMES WHEN A GEOMETRIC SHAPE IS JUST A SHAPE! NOTHING MORE!  And then Secretary Clinton adds her two cents on the matter, calling it’ disturbing.’ NO IT’S NOT! IT’S A SHAPE THAT IN-CONTEXT, DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING! IT’S A SHAPE! IT’S A GRAPHIC!  I would have had more respect for Secretary Clinton had she simply dismissed this as a made-up controversy, recognizing that there was no context connecting the star to the Jewish faith or the Star of David, and moved on, instead of trying to score political points off of this hyberbole. But no, she joins the legions of people that sees things that just aren’t there.

Context matters, people. The tweet had nothing to do with the holocaust, or Israel or the Jewish people. It was about Secretary Clinton and her perceived corruption. This is where political correctness goes off the deep end, when it tries to read into something that isn’t there, and when it forces people to change a geometric shape from a six-pointed star to a circle. That’s the actual controversy here, of us getting to point of having to censor graphics despite the lack of any contextual evidence showing there was any kind of connection between that star and the Star of David, other than the fact that people just ASSUME Trump is racist, so the star MUST BE INTENDED TO BE RACIST.  Also, the star wasn’t even yellow, IT WAS RED!  Perhaps there would have been some validity to the argument that it was insensitive had it been actually yellow, or colored as blue and white, the color of the Star of David on the Israel flag. BUT IT WAS NOT!

Stop creating controversy where there is none. Use your heads instead of having knee-jerk reactions. Donald Trump says enough things that are controversial and gives people the right to be angry at him, this wasn’t one of them. Stop being so over-sensitive that you get so offended by every little thing, even things that were not intended to be offensive when taken in proper context.


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